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Fraction of the Cost

On average, to install sod to a 5,000sqft lawn would cost a whopping $4000 .  To hydroseed same size lawn is only $800! That’s $3,200 of savings for the same gorgeous results.

Get Exactly What You Want

Looking for Colorado Native Grass? Or would you love a field full of wild flowers? How about both?! Since we mix our own proprietary blends for every project, we can tailor the seed types and quantities to meet your needs.

Eco Friendly Option

Traditional Sod and seeding put a bigger strain on the environment because they require more water to start and maintain. Save the planet and save on your water bills with Hydroseeding and Hydromulch. Our proprietary formula allows for faster germination than regular seeding, and retains up to ELEVEN TIMES its weight in water!

Ground Preparation for Hydro-Seeding

Learn How to Prepare Ground for Hydro-Seeding in Colorado If your soil is quality, all

What is Hydroseeding?

Learn Why Hydro-Seeding is Better Than Sod for Colorado Land Owners Hydroseeding is also referred

Erosion Control & Land Reclamation

Learn How Hydro-Seeding is Can Help Control Erosion and Reclaim Land in Colorado Erosion Control

Liquid Sod Applications & Uses

Learn About How Our Pro Sports Turf can Transform Your Landscape Pro Sports Turf is

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