Service Category: Hydroseeding

What is Hydroseeding?

Learn Why Hydro-Seeding is Better Than Sod for Colorado Land Owners Hydroseeding is also referred as liquid sod, spray on grass, spray on lawns or spray on sod. Hydroseeding consists of using a custom premium seed mix, 100% wood fiber mulch, and tackifier when needed, water and fertilizer mixed in a Hydroseeding machine to form a perfect slurry. The slurry…

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Erosion Control & Land Reclamation

Learn How Hydro-Seeding is Can Help Control Erosion and Reclaim Land in Colorado Erosion Control may involve reseeding large areas of land at one time to prevent wind or water from the erosion of land. Hydroseeding and hydromulching are two primary services for revegetation projects. Taravella’s Hydro Turf has experience working for federal, state and local agencies and private clients…

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Liquid Sod Applications & Uses

Learn About How Our Pro Sports Turf can Transform Your Landscape Pro Sports Turf is custom blended for Hydroseeding and Sod by Taravella’s Hydro-Turf. This mix was developed to provide durable, deep-rooted, high quality turf on high traffic areas. Resistant to diseases common to intensively managed turf areas. Superior wear tolerance and excellent winter hardiness. Excellent spring and fall vigor…

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